Monday, June 27, 2011

weekend escapades.

happy monday!
i hope you all enjoyed the summer-y weekend we just had
it was a scorcher, but i loved it
is it safe to say june-gloom is on its way out? its been so nice waking up to the sun

this past weekend taylor and i tried something new. we went to kcrw's summer nights at one colorado in old-town pasadena. the seattle based band, motopony, played a free show and boy was it a blast.
laughter and love filled in the air. i couldn't help but take shots of all the couples dancing and enjoying each other's company. 
there is nothing better than a summer romance
 we also went to h.d. buttercup located at the old helm's bakery for their yearly 20-70% off sale
everything was still outrageously expensive, but tay and i love going. its like disneyland for us; we can roam for hours!
stay tuned for my next post
my mom rescued a momma cat and her five kittens
i have so many pictures and will post later tonight


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