Sunday, June 19, 2011

the metal yard

since i'm incapable of driving, well i wouldn't say incapable, but rather "driving impaired"...
i had to hitch a ride back to the valley with taylor yesterday.
on the way to, we had to go downtown to the metal yard to pick up supplies for a project he's working on for a client (a concrete tabletop to go along with the concrete sofa he built: check it out here)
so he put on the ol' levis, strapped on his work boots and stuffed his leather gloves in his back pocket, and away we went.
who knew this grungy metal yard would be a picture taking wonderland!
i was like a little kid in the candy store, wandering off and taylor telling me to be careful i don't run into anything or get hurt

i followed taylor around like i was his paparazzo while he measured things, lifted things, inspected them and talked with the workers. i had no idea what they were talking about or what he was looking for, but it didn't matter because i was in my own world. i wondered if people thought he was a famous builder because i had two cameras around my neck and i was shooting like there was no tomorrow. i like to think they did and i imagined he was.
this young gentleman showed up with a gorgeous display of cut oranges. he passed them around and i was lucky enough to get one. i sat on this steel chair and enjoyed this juicy treat. later he came up to me and was flirting in spanish. i told him i had "un novio" and pointed out to taylor. he seemed to care less.
so taylor found his pieces and picked up some pre-ordered stuff at will-call and we were done.

have fun with your dear fathers and enjoy the beautiful day.
i'm going to a father's day bbq with taylor's family and i'm so excited for it.
i made chocolate covered, frozen bananas that i can't wait to share with them everyone!

happy sunday!

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