Wednesday, June 22, 2011

waffles: a little chocolate, peanut butter and banana

a new tradition seems to have set way in our little home.
waffle wednesdays!
this morning i made waffles with semi-sweet chocolate chips (for the sweetie)
with chopped organic bananas. melted peanut butter and warm maple syrup
i asked tay whether these were really good or just good, he replied "ugh, they're too good"

i don't really eat any of these morning treats otherwise i'd be a billion pounds. but, i do get to lick my fingers and do teeny-tiny taste tests, so i can agree with taylor that these waffles were too good! taylor's body hasn't quite figured out the concept of gaining weight yet (must be nice...) 

its been a week since my accident and things are getting easier. i still need a lot of help from tay to do the big stuff. how lucky i am to have such a loving b to take care of me when i'm not 100%