Monday, June 20, 2011

fathers, sons, uncles and bbq

what a lovely father's day it was spending it with my family during the day and taylor's family in the evening.
there was plenty of food at the donsker father's celebration
we had horderves, bbq'd, drank wine, and closed off the night with some yummy treats!
since i could't drive to get gifts, i decided my gift to everyone would be summer-y, chocolate dipped bananas. i got the recipe here 
i scrapped together some treats around the kitchen and decided to adorn my frozen bananas in chopped peanuts, sprinkles, cut-up reese's pieces, granola, and coconut; each banana with a unique combination.
 on the way to manhattan beach (where taylor's grandparents live), taylor's mom (cecilia) and i stopped off the side of the road at "lenny's bbq truck" to pick up some whiskey glazed baby back ribs and mac 'n' cheese. our mouth's watered as we watched lenny and his wife cook up a storm on the barbie
 once we got there. we popped open the wine, brought out the appetizers, turned on the bbq and cooked turkey burgers and [more] baby back ribs
then, we ate...and ate some more.
 and even though everyone had stuffed bellies, it didn't stop us from moving on to dessert.
which was cheesecake, sugared strawberries and...
frozen bananas!
 i felt terrible after realizing the granola i used on some of the bananas contained pecans
taylor is very sensitive. he had to take a benadryl to ease the allergic reaction
so he was pretty much a walking zombie the rest of the night
good thing it was already late so he didn't miss out on too much of the father's day fun.

i hope you enjoyed your time with your fathers.
here's to tomorrow being the official first day of summer

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