Thursday, June 9, 2011

kcrw presents...a night for 2

last night kcrw treated us to a lovely evening at the echoplex in echo park.
taylor won 2 free tickets, along with a signed album, to see deigo garcia with his kcrw membership (woohoo!)

the music was great, but there's something about diego that didn't sit right with me, perhaps i felt he was "trying to hard" and wasn't organic in his performance. however! the guitarist stole the show and his bassist/violinist was unbelievable!

i must take a second to mention the opening act - jenny-o. i honestly would have paid money to watch just her. she was incredible and her music was fun to dance to.  i'm actually listening to her as i type...
(check out below whats playing on my headphones right now)


in all, we had a fun night just the two of us, as we always do at concerts.
we got some beers and sat in a back corner the first 30mins laughing about the silliest things like school kids.
the only bummer of the night was that i couldn't bring in my camera because i didn't have a "press pass", arg!

photos via here and here

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