Thursday, June 16, 2011

DIY: succulents in a mason jar

yesterday i was getting a little stir crazy alone at home with bad daytime t.v.
so i decided to take a little trip to the art store to see what crafty thing i could conjure up.

i had bought some mason jars at a local antique, furniture store and thought of making vases out of them. i chose succulent plants because they're low maintenance and only need water once a week.

i call these:
"a jar full of cacti" 

now let me just remind you that i am minus my dominant [right] hand, so if i can do this, i betchtya you can too!
what you will need:
mason jars
succulent plants (be sure the will be small enough/big enough to fit your jars)
cactus-friendly soil
stem wire
 wire cutting and bending tools
1) depending on how deeply rooted your cactus plant is, fill the mason jar with about a handful of soil.
keep in mind that you don't want too much soil, as you don't want it to look like a jar of dirt.

2) gently place your plant in the jar and fill dirt around it so it is "planted" in the jar.

3) water the plant.
(fyi--succulents/cacti do not need very much h2o)
4) take your stem wire and wrap it around the bottom lip of the mason jar. with your wire tools, make a circle at one end of the wire and loop the other end through. it should look like the above photo.
(don't worry if its oddly shaped; you will be tying ribbon around it to hide the wire).
5) take another wire stem and hook the ends into the wire that is now around the jar. you may need to use your wire tools to make a loop.
6) cut your ribbon according to the size of your jar and cut the ends at a diagonal to make "v" shaped ends.

7) tie the ribbon around the jar and cover up the wire.
8) now, hang as you please!!

i think next time i may use leather straps to use as the "hanger" and i may also add some beads 

let me know how yours turn out. i want pictures please!

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